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Transform Your Hobby into a Thriving Hustle

Are you ready to turn your God-given gifts into a profitable pursuit? Exciting times are just around the corner as I prepare to launch my exclusive coaching services tailored for individuals who are eager to transform their hobbies into thriving businesses.

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Coaching & Classes

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Artistry to Enterprise: Paint Your Dreams into Profits

6 Sessions for

$ 997

6 session package with Jamie

Artistry to Enterprise is a personalized 1-on-1 coaching program designed exclusively for women with a passion for furniture painting who aspire to transform their creative talents into thriving small businesses.

Whether you’re a seasoned painter or just starting out, this program offers comprehensive guidance and support to help you embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey and create a brand that can paint your dreams into profits.

Trust me, I’ve got the paint-splattered battle scars and the success stories to prove it! Let’s embark on this colorful journey together, transform your passion into profit, and show the world (and your checkbook) that you’re the boss of that paintbrush!

Expert Guidance: Benefit from my firsthand experience and avoid the paint mishaps I've learned from, ensuring a smoother journey to furniture painting success, including valuable painting tips.

Personalized Support: Receive tailored coaching and strategies that suit your unique needs, allowing you to confidently start your business, even with minimal experience, while also gaining essential business basics.

Brand Building: Learn to build your brand, incorporating your unique voice and experiences into your business, and discover effective ways to build your platform and reach a wider audience, all wrapped up with a lighthearted and enjoyable learning experience. Because who said business can't be fun?

Reignite Your Dreams: Mid-Career Women’s Passion-to-Profit Transformation Coaching Program

3 Sessions for

$ 597

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3 session package with Jamie

Are you a mid-career woman who has been yearning to follow your passion and turn it into a profitable venture? Do you often wonder if it’s too late to make that change?

We’re here to tell you that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams!

At mid-life, it’s easy to question everything!

Did I make the right career choice? Is this as good as it gets? Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Embrace the menopausal magic, question away, and know this: it’s prime time for dream-chasing. No dream is too big or small, and trust me, your epic life plot twist is long overdue. So, dust off those dreams, give ’em a good ol’ pep talk and let’s make “happy” your middle

Let’s do this!

Personalized Coaching: Tailored strategies to address your unique concerns and reignite your passion, aligned with God's plan for your life.

Confidence Building: Overcome self-doubt and gain the self-assurance needed to excel in your mid- career endeavors or starting a small biz, knowing it's never too late to fulfill His (and your) purpose.

Financial Empowerment: Unlock the secrets to monetize your passions and create a thriving future for yourself, guided by His divine wisdom for you. Don't let fear hold you back any longer – enroll now and embark on your journey to lasting success and fulfillment, in alignment with God's plan for your life. That thing on your heart? Go do it!

Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Coaching & Classes

  1. Unleash Your Potential: Ever dreamed of making a living doing what you love most? My upcoming coaching program is designed to empower you with the tools, strategies, and insights you need to harness your hobby’s potential and turn it into a successful business venture.
  2. Learn the Ropes: Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a craft enthusiast, a culinary creator, or a fitness fanatic, I’ll guide you step-by-step through the journey of monetizing your passion. I’ll show you the ropes, helping you navigate the transition from hobbyist to entrepreneur with confidence.
  3. Discover Your Story: Your journey is unique, and your story is your biggest asset. My coaching approach goes beyond just business strategies. We’ll delve into who you are, your background, and what makes your hobby truly special. By uncovering your authentic narrative, you’ll forge a deeper connection with your audience.
  4. Identify Your Audience: Understanding your audience is key to success. We’ll work together to pinpoint your target market and tailor your offerings to meet their needs and desires. With a clear vision of your audience, you’ll be better equipped to create products and services that resonate and sell.
  5. Supportive Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your aspirations. Connect with fellow hobbyists-turned-entrepreneurs, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights. Together, we’ll celebrate successes, tackle challenges, and provide unwavering encouragement and prayer.
Check back soon for more upcoming courses and group coaching opportunities.
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